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Why you should air seal your home

Have you noticed that your basement is always cooler than your upstairs? You're aware that heat rises, but do you know that it exists through your attic?


If you seal your basement and attic you resolve the stack effect to give you a comfortable temperature throughout your building.


Air sealing fills any air leaks around fixtures

Air Sealing

Your home or office will be sealed so you don't experience drafts of air in and out of your structure. How do we know if it's really air sealed?

Airtight with air sealing

  • Light fixtures

  • Bathroom fans

  • Open wall cavities

  • Plumbing stacks

  • Chimneys

  • Recessed lights

See the air leaks in your home for yourself with the assistance of our thermal imaging equipment that can show you hot and cold spots throughout your home. View your home again after it's been air sealed to see that no more leaks exist.



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